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Motor insurance…where, why and how?

Just when you breathe a sigh of relief, you managed to buy a car and get it taxed…and fill it with petrol, you then...

Summer Holiday Destination – Bristol

Due to our temperamental weather, planning a holiday in the UK can be anything but easy. This year, go to Bristol: an industrial city...

5 Best Plumbers in London

Why do you need a good emergency plumber? It's everyone's worst nightmare- just when you least expect it, a pipe in your home bursts or...

How To Avoid Bad Letting Agents?

Landlords use letting agents. It is a sad fact though that it can be really hard to find reliable letting agents. As it is,...

6 Tips On How To Become A landlord

When it comes to investments, other than gold, you simply cannot go wrong with the property, which is one of the main reasons why...

Are Mortgages Halal? – Things to Know About Mortgages

Here in the UK, getting a mortgage is certainly pretty tricky, especially if you’ve never gotten one before and don’t quite know what to...

Does business insurance cover personal use? – things to know

When it comes to running a business, or simply getting a business off the ground for that matter, having the necessary insurance in place...

Are mortgage payments tax deductible? – Surprising mortgage facts you should know

Purchasing a house, or any other property for that matter, is one of the most frightening yet rewarding and potentially exciting experiences of your...

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